This year show season for the Windswept Equestrian riders started slowly, life has it's twists and turns - new jobs and timing have proved to be challenging in being able to free up time to make it to the shows in the area.  We have not been able to get to as many shows as we would have liked, but the couple where our riders competed have been really worthwhile.  They have been wonderful venues to attend for schooling their horses around the courses and over new looking obstacles.

Kingston Short Course Event - Corner Stone Farm - Sunday, September 11, 2016

We had 2 riders at this show and both had a good day. Lauren Clarke Ross, rode her horse Lindy in his very first show over fences in the Pre-Starter 18".  Katie Perry, rode her horse Mahogany Moon II (Mystery) in the Starter 2'6" and had a clear round winning their division.


It was an "awesome" show season for 2015 and all the riders of the Windswept Equestrian and their mounts who took part at the various shows in the area deserve congratulations for taking on this years challenge.  They are all looking forward to the show season in 2016! 

"Halloween" Short Course - Catori Lane Stables - Sunday, October 18, 2015

The last show of the year was a tad chilly but two of our Windswept riders were up for it!  Definitely Mother Nature was letting us know that Fall was really here and that winter is on its way, she even threw in a few snow flakes to prove it.  Both Katie, riding Mahogany Moon II and Lauren, riding The Wind Beneath showed that they were up for the chilly challenge.  They had opted out of the Dressage part of the show and just did the jumping.  Both did a great job and had fun, but they were happy to get home and warm up!

Photo taken by Tony Blackett (edited by Hazel Metcalfe)

Kingston Short Course Event - Corner Stone Farm Monday, October 12, 2015

It was a spectacular Fall day the weather couldn't have been nicer and the back drop of colourful leaves was amazing.  It was a fabulous day for both Katie and Lauren.  Katie and Mahogany Moon II (Mystery) took 1st in (S) Dressage and Lauren and The Wind Beneath (Wings) took 2nd in (J) Dressage.  As for the jumping Katie took 2nd place in the Senior 2' division and Lauren took 4th in the Junior 2' division, way to go ladies and your amazing 4 legged partners!

Limestone Schooling Show - ADK Stables - Sunday, September 27, 2015

Wendy and I (Hazel) had a good day at the Dressage show.  It was a bit of a blustery day, but warm.  We both had good rides Wendy riding Rain (Juggling Rainbows) got two 3rd places and me riding Minstrel (Misty Morning Moon) got a 5th and a good ride in the second :).

Rain - Training Test D
Minstrel - Training Test B

Kingston Short Course Event - Chipmunk Ridge Farm - Saturday, August 30, 2015 

Lauren Clarke-Ross, riding (Wings) The Wind Beneath and Katie Parry, riding (Mystery) Mahogany Moon II took part in the Short Course Event and had a great day.

Limestone Schooling Show - Chipmunk Ridge Farm - Saturday, July 11, 2015

Four riders and their mounts took part in the Limestone Schooling Series Dressage Show held on a beautiful sunny day.  Lauren Clarke Ross, riding (Wings) The Wind Beneath, Katie Parry, riding (Mystery) Mahogany Moon II, Tracey Parker, riding (Rain) Juggling Rainbows and Hazel Metcalfe, riding (Minstrel) Misty Morning Moon.

It was a day of firsts for Rain who had not been on a trailer away from his home farm and compete at a horse show, he did spectacular! We were all pleased with his ability to take everything in and do his job.  Everyone had a wonderful day and also came home with a ribbon or two each.  The only damper on the day was the camera malfunction, but we are hoping the photographer at the show got some that we can post later and we are checking pictures on our phones. 


SHOW    SEASON    2014

 Kingston Short Course Event - Catori Lane - Saturday, October 18, 2014

It was a damp and chilly day, but that didn't turn away most of the competitors for the final Short Course Event of the season.

We had one competitor as work schedules took priority for everybody else, but Kristi Clark and Chase did a fabulous job together and came in 3rd in the 2'6" Pre-Event.

Kingston Short Course Event Series at Corner Stone Farm Sunday, September 21, 2014

The weather was a tad blustery as well as some unwanted rain in the morning and early part of the afternoon, but it finally turned into a lovely sunny fall afternoon.  Our 3 competitors and their mounts had a great time at the Kingston Short Course event held at Corner Stone Farm on Sunday, September 21, 2014. They all competed in the 2' Starter event, Kristi riding Chase came in 4th, Katie riding Mystery came in 6th and Carmin riding Patience came in 2nd in the dressage portion of the competition.  Kristi and Chase also competed in the 2'6 Pre-Event and came in 3rd.  Well done ladies!

These videos are of Kristi riding Chase competing in the 2' starter event and the 2'6" Pre-Entry. 

These videos are of Carmin riding Patience and Katie riding Mystery in the 2' Starter Event. 

SHOW    SEASON    2013

Corner Stone Farm Short Course - September 22, 2013  

Congratulations to Carmin Mallette and Kristi Clark on their successful

completion of their first short course event at Cornerstone Farm.


Carmin Mallette riding her horse

Touch the Moon (aka Patience)

(out of Skye and Maggie)


Kristi Clark riding her horse

Chesapeake Moon (aka Chase)

(out of Skye and Pete)