Chesapeake Males

When choosing a Chesapeake sire my priorities have always been exceptional temperament, good health with strong athletic conformation, and the talent and trainability of a hunting retriever.  I'm proud of the Chesapeake males who have become part of my extended family.

Each of these males has not only been a great companion and family dog, but has spent time on the farm and easily fit into our comings and goings.  They have roamed the woods with me off leash and never left me, socialized beautifully with my chessies, been obedient and made friends with my students. 

All of this exemplifies the best qualities of a stud dog.

 Introducing RUFUS

(Rufus is Spring's sire (2014) and he and River are expecting another litter in April 2016.)

Strength and so much personality!  Rufus is a tough, solid dog, who is excellent with people and children. 

He was friendly and playful with his daughter Spring, as well as with River. 

It was a real joy for him to visit the farm for Valentine's Day.


(Sire of Faith's second litter)

Intelligent sweet tempered, and an incredibly steady.

Faith just loved him! and everyone enjoyed his stay with us at the Windswept Equestrian.

MAVERICK, Tonka's sire, was another dedicated and determined retriever and great family dog.


(Sire of Faith's first litter)

A hunting dog that just wouldn't quit, and a terrific family dog.


(Bred to Joy and Meg; Faith's sire)

"A phenomenal hunting dog and the grandchildren ride him around like a pony".


(Bred to Misty; Sire of Joy, Meg and Dawn)

An absolutely wonderful dog!  I fell in love with Moosey the moment I met him.  Moosey was Sadie's first cousin

(descended from Freeman's Stonehenge Kennels in Battersea).

At 10 years old