Memories of Faith

February 17, 2004 to January 21, 2013 

Everywhere and all the time I miss her;

Faith, my gentle, golden girl.

I miss her lovely face and the light in her eyes, her warmth beside me, her silky coat, her grin and her “growly talk”.  

So many empty spaces in my life.

Impossible to fully express how rich and dear a gift Faith was to me; truly the fruit of a myriad of blessings and grace.  Each precious Chesapeake’s story is interwoven.

Her name reminds me, as her presence proved, that faith is the wellspring of joy deeper than sorrow, 

of peace more enduring than turmoil, of light dawning in darkness, of hope, 

strength, and encouragement in despair or pain, and so much more.

In faith, hope for fourteen years and more, like her mother Meg had.

In faith, strength to endure when cancer steals her away, too soon!

In faith, peace, because when I can’t understand, He does.

In faith comfort for our broken hearts.

In faith His presence with us always.

In faith the knowledge that death is a beginning.  I Cor 15:35 to 44

In faith trust to pray open heartedly. 

Memories of my girl, my Faith, stay with me:

of when she fit in the palm of my hand;

of when her beautiful blue eyes opened

 and of watching them turn amber a few weeks later;

the way she swam away from shore the first time as if there was no 

difference and she’d never not known how to swim; 

her head on my lap, or sleeping beside me; travelling to horse shows and 

Faith jumping the XCountry jump’s on our course walks; 

retrieving without needing to be taught but always deferring to her mother, 

Meg, who retrieved the first throw; scrunching down to play with little dogs; 

playing with her puppies and what a wonderful mother she was; 

how loving she was with her daughter River, another precious gift;

 walking in the woods together, always together.  


A thousand, thousand memories to cherish.

I am so incredibly thankful that Faith has been and will always be a part of my life, 

and for every moment we had together!